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25 November 2010

StOrY AbOut ONEW oPPa..

ha,,,skang nie aku nak citer plak pasal shinee membe yg paling aku minat skali ..hehehhe..

Onew Profile

Real Name : Lee Jinki

Position: Leader, Lead Vocal

Stage Name: ONEW 

In Korean :온유

In Chinese : 温流 (WenLiu)

Birthday: 1989.12.14 (18 years old )

Height : 177 cm

Bloodtype : O

Interest/Speciality : Singing , Piano, Soccer, Basketball

Random Facts : Likes Sundubu (a type of tofu) : Known for his bright cheery smile..<3


*Lee Jin Ki or Onew is the leader and oldest member of Korea Boy Band SHINee. Onew was discovered at the “2006 S.M. Academy Casting”. Onew collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji, former member of project group Banana Girl, for her song “Vanilla Love”. He was also featured in a duet, entitled One Year Later “1 ”, with Girls’ Generation member Jessica for their mini-album Tell Me Your Wish.

hahaha..shumel je dye ..

Onew ideal Girl

SHINee revealed their ideal girl types on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate. Out of the five, Onew made the most surprising choice.

Onew said, "Lee Young Hyun (from Big Mama) is my ideal type. Starting at a young age, I loved listening to Big Mama's Resignation. Her voice is so nice. My ideal type is someone who has a nice voice and soft hands and she fits into those categories."

pict2 onew oppa...

oppa like all rainbow colour..he said so because it makes him happy and cheerful..
but he especially love yellow and green. he has a lot colourfull t-shirts..
ahaakkss...same like me,,green colour

bideo onew condition tribute ...
onew yg priang,suke senyum n cam2 agi ar ..huhuhu..

p/s: onew nie laki aku k ,,so jgn sape2 nak take him k..hahahha(pasan je)..jgn mara ea korang2 yg minat onew nie ..
onew oppa chommal chuwa hae yo,,saranghae yo..<3..heee (gatal)..=D

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